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//B L A N K
posted at: Tuesday, January 6, 2015 | 8:01 AM | 0 Love! | Give me some love?

hmm , firstly alhamdulillah i'm feel better now after realizes it. i'm gonna be a harder person :) yeahh since now keadaan pun kurang baik dengan cuaca yg tak tentu. hujan lebat pluss banjir. pantai timurlah yg paling teruk. pray for them :) inshaAllah much better at there. kat area sini alhamdulillah takde kena tempias banjir. Allah je tahu perasaan tu bila air naik. bukan senang nak hadapi tapi tu semua dugaan yg diberi. kena terima dgn redha :) He's know ours ability. trust Him . okay , new chapter in 2015. i want be a great person in my life. Hold my time doing crazy activities . HAHA ! ingat study weeks takda woiiii. menangis aku weii camni . hewww parahhh ! balik UiTM quiz test perghhhh ! beratur panjang beb , haha. one more ! aku nk be much better with my friends. no more fight . no more mad. now , masing2 dah ada haluan sendiri. aku pun weii . and aku dah jarang contact dia. dulu rapat sekarang tak ? hmmm that right . i feel like a strangers when having a conver with her. not closest like before. i dunno maybe about the past . herrrrr . i hope you totally fine and healthy. just i love youuuuu


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